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Rules and Judging


All matches are submission only

Time limits for matches are as follows: 

  • 6-minutes for blue belt matches

  • 8 minutes for purple, brown, and black belt matches

  • 12 minutes for main and co-main event matches

If a match does not end by way of submission from either athlete the winner will be chosen by our judges. 

Judges choose winners based on: 

  • Total dangerous submission attempts

  • Aggression

  • Control

We assign 3 judges to watch every match. Judges are not teammates or coaches with athletes involved in matches they are judging. Our judges do remain anonymous and watch all matches they are judging from the stands with the audience. 

To see our official judging sheet, click the link at the bottom of the page


The Tower Grand Prix Rules.png

Click the icon to download a PDF of the rules table

Click the icon to download a PDF of our judging sheet

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