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The Tower Grand Prix

The world's first outdoor pop-up jiu jitsu tournament and grand prix featured at college universities around the United States

The Tower Grand Prix features some of the largest cash prizes in Jiu Jitsu for colored belt athletes. All matches are submission only, and divisions are single-elimination with a maximum of 4 athletes in each. 

Each competition is held outdoors, and registrations for each division are first come, first serve for athletes. To sign up as a competitor for an event check our "compete page by clicking here.

The weights and belt levels for each event are different. See our "brackets" page by clicking here to see if there is a division you can compete in. Athletes are allowed to compete up in weight and belt level if they'd like.

Spectator Tickets

To purchase spectator tickets please check the calendar below.

Please note that tickets may not be on sale until the event date is closer.

Cash Prizes are as follows for divisions:

  • $400 for blue-brown belt divisions

  • $1,000+ for black belt divisions

The prizes are paid in full to the winner of each division. You can see the rules for our matches by clicking here

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